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Save water, chemicals & time ?

With the ECOsystem® after the initial fill of water/cleaning solution is exhausted the solution in the recovery tank is filtered and regenerated, which allows the same water/chemical solution to be reused up to five times for continuous floor scrubbing.

Greatly reducing the need empty the recovery tank & refill the clean water tanks saves time, allowing the operator to me more productive & get the maximum coverage during the cleaning window.

Water Saving Potential 

Walk-behind models up to 109,500 ltrs a year

Ride-on Models up to 160,600 ltrs a year

Figures are based on using the largest models in the range for the full run time 365 day per year

How is it activated ?

The operator simply activates the system with a button on the instrument panel when the clean water reservoir is empty whilst using the machine. No need to stop the cleaning process, empty or fill the scrubber dryer, extending the potential run time for increased productivity. 

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