Cyclone Scrubber/Polisher

Cimex cyclone scrubber/polishers are multi-purpose heavy duty machines suitable for scrubbing, cleaning and polishing virtually every type of hard floor in a commercial or industrial environment.

Cimex triple brush machines are built tough for a long highly productive life, safer & easier to use than a traditional single disc machines, with improved results.

Encap Carpet Cleaner

Three contra-rotating brushes which scrub the carpet fibres from all directions in a single pass, providing a uniform application of the Cimex Encap solution for thorough cleaning. The Cimex three brush system is up to six times faster than conventional single disc carpet cleaning.

The Encap system uses less water than extraction machines, ensuring carpets dry faster & are ready to use sooner.

HD48 Scrubber/Scarifiers

This powerful HD scarifier is ideal for many applications, including the removal of impacted oil, grease and debris from concrete floors. With additional ballast weights available for more aggressive scarifying, you can effectively break-down ice build-up in cold stores, and key concrete for re-screeding and levelling.

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