Chemical Free Floor Cleaning

Just fill your TomCat Scrubber Dryer with water straight from the tap for daily floor maintenance & eliminate the use of chemical floor cleaning detergents, reducing the need to manufacture, transport & store harmful chemicals, whilst saving money on purchasing.

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Here you can see a TomCat cleaning with the Zero3 system in a healthcare environment, some of the floors are cleaned daily with competitors machines, we will let you be the judge.


This video explains how eliminating the use of chemicals in the floor cleaning process drastically reduces the effect on the environment, our machines clean with just tap water.


Reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals you use, transport & store with Zero3+ system on your scrubber dryer. Make your chemical storeroom a safer place while being kinder to the environment.

Save money long term on purchasing chemicals.



Tap Water + Zero3+ = Clean

Aqueous ozone (03) is generated from tap water on board & on demand by our AO generators, splitting the oxygen molecules (02) into single molecules which attach themselves to the Oxygen (02) & make Aqueous ozone (03) the radically bonded atom will then attach itself to contaminants destroying the cell wall & oxidize it.

Generating Aqueous Ozone

  1. Electric charge splits the oxygen atoms in the AO generators
  2. The single atoms join with regular atoms to form 03 (aqueous ozone)
  3. The single radical atom latches on to contaminants on the floor & oxidises them
  4. The oxygen returns to its original state and is recovered by the scrubber dryer.

Articles featuring the benefits of Aqueous Ozone

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