Eureka E110-R 

E110-D large ride-on combination machine, scrubs sweeps & dries in a single pass reducing the need to pre-sweep, saving time & reducing costs. The E100-R comes with the Eureka ECOsystem® as standard for industry leading productivity in large areas.  

Ride-on Scrubber Range

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The scrub/sweep system on this industrial scrubber sweeper features two opposing cylindrical brushes that rotate at high speed ensures both debris collection from the sweeping function and thorough floor scrubbing. With a cleaning path of 110 cm and a maximum forward speed of 8 Km/h, E110-R has a productivity that exceeds 8,800 m2/hour.

The innovative Eureka ECOsystem® comes as standard on this machine, reducing the water consumption & increasing productivity.


Drive Wheel

The powerful motor sits in the nose of the machine, driving the front wheel via a lubricated gearbox, in this position it is protected against impact and humidity.

Simple Intuitive Controls

The multi-function display is equipped with intuitive, simple to use, one-touch controls. Adjust in real time the concentration of detergent delivered to the ground.

Drying System

The floor squeegee can be easily adjusted to any type of floor offering optimum water pick-up. The squeegee blades are reversible with a “quick-change” system reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

St/St Scrub Deck 

The powerful sweeping scrubbing deck, debris hopper & splash guards are made of stainless steel to withstand use in harsh & corrosive environments.

Vacuum Motor

The vacuum motor ensures consistently powerful cleaning, for maximum water and dirt removal that guarantees a clean, dry floor. A stainless steel filter protects the motor against dust and debris to ensure greater durability and a longer life.

Chemical Dosing

Optional DoseMatic® System can adjust in real time the proportion of detergent and water delivered to the floor. Visibility of the detergent container enables the easy monitoring of consumption and replacement.

Recovery Tank

The E85 recovery tank is equipped with a large porthole for easy access when cleaning the recovery tank. The stainless-steel filter for the ECOsystem® is also simple to access for routine inspection.

Overhead Guard

The E110-R has an optional overhead guard for operator protection if required. 

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