Achieve chemical free floor cleaning with a TomCat Scrubber dryer and the Zero3 aqueous ozone system. Reduce your effect on the environment with this simple system that actually manufactures its own cleaning solution on-board & on demand, giving excellent results with little or no chemical.

< In this demonstration we were tasked with external cleaning, the existing method involved a scrubber dryer that required detergent to achieved the results required. The client was impressed with the cleanliness achieved & even more so when informed that no chemicals had been used in the process.

Cleaning chemicals have to be manufactured, transported and stored at various locations as they weave there way to your cleaning cupboard, taking up valuable space and creating a potential hazard, that has to be managed when they have arrived.

The Zero3 system eliminates the transport, storage & the effect on the environment, simply fill your scrubber dryer with water from the tap & start cleaning effectively & responsibly.

For more information or to organise a free demonstration please call 0800 3134336 or use the email form below.

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