TomCat Sport v2  

The TomCat Sport is a professional powerful walk-behind scrubber-dryer available with Disc, Cylinder & Orbital stainless steel scrubbing heads. Can be equipped with the Zero3 system, for chemical free cleaning.

Walk-Behind Scrubber Range

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The TomCat Sport is a powerful walk-behind scrubber-dryer, built with heavy duty components & steel chassis, giving class leading performance on all hard floors. Available in three different deck styles, with a large range of tools & options for commercial & industrial floor cleaning.  

155V2-20TD SPORT 20″ Disk v2.0
155V2-26TD SPORT 26″ Disk v2.0
155V2-25TC SPORT 25″ Cylindrical v2.0
155V2-20TE SPORT 20″ EDGE v2.0
155V2-24TE SPORT 24″ EDGE v2.0
155V2-28TE SPORT 28″ EDGE v2.0

St/Steel Cylinder Scrub Deck 

Twin cylindrical brushes scrub & sweep in the same operation, collecting small debris in the st/steel hopper. Reduces the need to pre-sweep, ideal for rough or profiled floors.

St/Steel Disc Scrub Deck

Round disc style brushes or pad drivers can be fitted to the st/steel scrub deck, ideal for stone, terrazzo, marbe, vinyl & painted flooring.

Orbital Scrub Deck

Floor cleaning with the power of Oscillation, TomCat’s EDGE scrubbers clean with up to 70% reduced water & chemical usage. Ideal for floor preparation, rejuvenates a large range of hard floor types. 

Tip Back Tanks

All TomCat Walk-Behind scrubber dryers have tip back tanks for easy access to the batteries & running gear, making routine maintenance a simple task.  

Sanitising Package

Optional sanitising packages include: Microbial Tanks, Zero3 System, Separate Spray Reservoir & On Board Suds.    

Optional Batteries

Up grade your batteries from the standard to AGM or GEL, with Delta-q on-board charger as standard. 

St/Steel Chassis 

A stainless steel chassis is an option for harsher environments, food industry, chemical manufacturing. 

Spray & Vacuum Attachment

Optional scrub & vacuum attachment for those hard to reach areas, under racking & around machinery 

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