Multiwash 11 340/Pump Battery

A versatile battery powered floor scrubber dryer that cleans multiple types of hard & soft flooring, offering a practical solution to floorcare.

All the benefits & versatility of the ever popular Multiwash range, with no cable ! Ideal for day time cleaning in such environments as hospitals & leisure facilities, the low profile & long handle make it ideal for reaching under obstacles in environments with desks & furniture.

A large range of simple to change colour coded brushes are available for the prevention of cross contamination in different cleaning areas, benefiting hospitals and other areas


  • Non-slip safety floors
  • Low pile carpets
  • Escalators and travelators
  • Entrance matting

Ergonomic Handle

The Multiwash is easy to manoeuvre in tight areas, ideal for scrubbing around & under obstacles.


Optional trolley for moving the Multiwash if required

Battery Pack

The battery pack can be removed easily with optional packs available for added run time.

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