Chemical Free Floor Stripping

  • Removes floor polishes & seals without the use of harmful floor stripping chemicals.
  • Safer for the operator & the environment, faster & more cost effective.


  • Reduces the risks of slips, trips & falls.
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Slip Sliding Away ?

  • Ditch the mop & bucket full of hazardous chemicals that turn vinyl floors into an ice rink.
  • Stop cleaning areas that you didn’t have to because the stripper ran under the door, cupboard, lockers
  • Eliminate secondary cleaning of skirting boards,walls, equipment etc.
  • Strip floor seal in the area you want, remove what you need.
  • Clean right up to the edge & into the corners, no need for kneeling or manual scrubbing.
  • Remove the need for rinsing, waiting & hoping you will be able to get a fresh coat of polish down today.

TomCat Edge Oscillating Range

Floor Cleaning & Preparation Equipment in a range of sizes.

Removes layers of floor polishes & seals with out chemicals, the combination of the oscillating scrub deck, head weight & our special Eco Prep stripping pads will remove multiple layers in a single pass. Edge machines reach into corners & along edges so no need for scrubbing by hand.

Dry Method

Simply run over the floor dry reducing the polish to a fine dust, vacuum the residue & damp mop.
Apply polish.

Wet Method  

The same process but with just water, pick up the residue with a mop, wet vacuum or scrubber dryer.
Apply polish

Nano Edge

Removing Floor Polish Dry

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ISO Edge

Removing Floor Polish Dry

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Carbon Edge

Removing Floor Polish Wet

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